smartTrade smartTrade

Emirates Islamic's online trade finance platform, designed to facilitate fast and efficient Trade Finance transactions for your company.

It is a complete Islamic trade platform designed to reduce turnaround time, save operating cost, make international trade financing easy, efficient and secure.


  • Import – Import LC, Import Collection, Import Finance & Shipping Guarantee
  • Export – Export LC, Export Collection, Export LC confirmation & Export Bills Financing.
  • Guarantee – Issuance request, Amendments, Claims, etc.
  • Real-time up-dates during different stages of the transaction
  • Capability to up-load transaction documents
  • Reports covering documentation such as invoices, purchase orders, etc.
  • Automatic e-mail and/or SMS notifications
  • Customizable access management
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on-line availability anywhere in the world


  • Single Sign on through smartBusiness
  • Secured and convenient trade transaction input and authorisation methods
  • Reducing turnaround time and minimizing errors
  • Reducing costs and administration expenses
  • Reduce paper and waste

How to Apply

  • To learn more or apply, please contact your Relationship Manager or Transaction Banking Team