Emirates Islamic offers special exchange rates on currencies for summer travel season

July 13, 2014

Emirates Islamic, one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the UAE, today announced the launch of its special exchange rate offer spanning a selected range of currencies, for the summer travel season. The bank intends to offer the best exchange rates throughout the summer months on several currencies including the US, the Euro, British Pound and Philippine Peso, in addition to the on-going promotion on Saudi Riyals.

To meet the surge in demand for foreign exchange during the summer holiday season, the special rates will be offered to travellers without any processing fees and will enable them to save on currency exchange on major currencies. The special exchange rates on foreign currencies further builds on the bank's continuing offer on Saudi Riyals, to facilitate travellers to Saudi Arabia for Haj, Umrah, or for business throughout the year.

"Customer convenience is a key driver at Emirates Islamic, and we believe in developing a diverse range of world class Shari'a-compliant products and services that are designed to meet the specific and timely needs of the resident population in the UAE," said Faisal Aqil, Deputy CEO - Consumer Wealth Management, Emirates Islamic. "With expatriates comprising a considerable percentage of our customers base, foreign exchange services are a critical component of the bank's services, and we constantly explore ways to offer our customers optimum rates.'

"This special offer is designed to facilitate summer travellers going to Europe and North America, and give them the best currency exchange rates. It is also timely for travellers who are planning their trip to Saudi Arabia for Haj or Umrah, at the onset of the Holy Month of Ramadan," he added.

This promotion is available for both customers and non-customers of Emirates Islamic. Currencies can be ordered either at any Emirates Islamic branch or through online banking.

The special summer exchange rate offer is part of Emirates Islamic's wider strategy to diversify and expand its product range and offer customers remittance and currency exchange products in addition to standard retail banking services.