Three year old Emirati girl wins AED 1 million with Emirates Islamic's Kunooz Savings Account

April 06, 2015

Emirates Islamic, one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the UAE, awarded three lucky winners of the Kunooz Savings Account draw at a ceremony held at their headquarters in Dubai recently. Three year old Emirati Khadeya Eid Ahmed AlBeer Al Ali won one million dirhams in cash while Maqsood Ahmed Muhammad Bashir became the lucky owner of a brand new Bentley GT V8. Abdulla M Hussain Ali Al Abdulla was the winner of a studio apartment.

Khadeya is one of the youngest winners of the Kunooz draw. Commenting on the win, Khadeya's father Eid Ahmed AlBeer Al Ali said: "I opened the account when we were blessed with Khadeya's birth in 2012. She is a lucky child and we are blessed to have her. I will continue to save the money in my Emirates Islamic account at least for the next six months, and plan to keep a portion aside for Khadeya's future."

Faisal Aqil, Deputy CEO - Consumer Wealth Management, Emirates Islamic, said: "We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our lucky customers. The Kunooz account is among our most popular products. Since inception, it has helped promote good savings habits among customers in UAE. It not only encourages customers to save, but also rewards them significantly for their efforts."

Emirates Islamic's Kunooz Savings Account offers customers the chance to win a million dirhams, a luxury car or a studio apartment every month, through maintaining a minimum balance of AED 5,000 over a one month period. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to win one of three prizes of AED 5,000 every day by maintaining an average account balance of AED 1,000 a day.