Emirates Islamic unveils next generation ATMs in the UAE

January 29, 2015

Emirates Islamic, one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the UAE, today unveiled its next generation Automated Teller Machine, equipped with a touch-screen ATM interface and a whole new customer experience. The redesign of the ATMs is in line with the bank's strategy to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as to introduce innovative solutions to the market.

Empowered by CxBanking, an omni-channel platform designed by NCR Corporation, the new touch-screen ATM interface is designed based on how consumers use their smartphones and tablets. The menus are icon based and users can swipe and scroll across the screen, offering an intuitive experience with easy-to-use functionality.

Emirates Islamic is one of the first two banks in the Middle East to launch this next-generation technology, which reiterates the bank's commitment to invest in enhancing customer experience, while empowering customers to perform banking transactions 24/7 at their own convenience.

Commenting on the initiative, Faisal Aqil, Deputy CEO - Consumer Wealth Management, Emirates Islamic, said: "The Emirates Islamic brand promise to consumers is centred on innovation and convenience in banking solutions. Today, bank customers transact increasingly via digital channels such as ATM, mobile, online and phone banking. Emirates Islamic is one of the early adopters to 'digitising' banking services to improve customer experience and service quality, while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

"The unveiling of our next generation ATMs is a big step towards technology innovation which impacts the way people bank in the UAE. We will continue to introduce more innovative service and product offerings in this space," added Aqil.

"We are delighted to see Emirates Islamic, one of the leading banks in the region, leverage NCR's latest CxBanking technologies in their effort to find new ways to delight their customers with outstanding service and convenience," said Habib Hanna, MD Gulf, NCR Financial Services. "Through the NCR CxBanking platform, Emirates Islamic's customers will experience a faster and richer banking experience, making their everyday transactions easier."

The first Emirates Islamic touch interface ATM was unveiled at the Dubai Health Care City branch, with the bank's entire ATM network across the country to be powered by CxBanking by the end of February this year.