Two lucky winners drive home in Tesla cars thanks to Emirates Islamic's Kunooz Savings Account

December 24, 2018

Emirates Islamic, one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the UAE, recently handed over two Tesla cars to the monthly grand prize winners of the bank's Kunooz Savings Account.

UAE national Salem Mohammed Musabbeh Alkaabi was the winner for September 2018 and Canadian national Mohammad Tareq Ghousheh was the winner for the month of November. Both winners received the keys to their cars at an event held at the Tesla showroom in Dubai.

Commenting on his win, Salem Mohammed Musabbeh Alkaabi said: "I am overjoyed to win this the award. I thank Emirates Islamic and all the employees for their outstanding services and wonderful product."

Meanwhile, Mohammad Tareq Ghousheh said: "I was on vacation in California when I received a call notifying me that I was the winner. I did not believe the news at first; I was so happy. I have been dealing with the bank for ten years so far, and I hope that this relationship will continue for many more."

Wasim Saifi - Deputy CEO, Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates Islamic said: "On behalf of Emirates Islamic, I would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Mr. Ghousheh and Mr. Alkaabi on winning the Tesla cars. It is never too late to save and through our Kunooz Savings Account, we have always motivated residents in the UAE to save for their or their family's future. At the same time, customers have an opportunity to win grand prizes as well as daily prizes. The more saved, the more opportunities to win."

Voted Banker Middle East Product Award's Best Savings Account in 2017, Emirates Islamic's Kunooz Savings Account is the bank's flagship account that offers customers a chance to win AED 1 million, a Tesla car or AED 200,000 in a Savings Account every month for every AED 5,000 maintained in their account. Additionally, customers have a chance to win one of five cash prizes worth AED 3,000 daily for every AED 1,000 maintained daily in their account.