Booster Wakala Deposit

Grow your deposits.

Earn up to 12.85% with Booster Wakala Deposit

Give your deposits a boost and benefit from higher expected profit rates of up to 2.57% p.a. with Booster Wakala Deposit from Emirates Islamic.

Profit Rates:

Length of deposit 1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years
Expected profit 2.00% 4.40% 7.20% 12.85%
Expected annual profit 2.00% 2.20% 2.40% 2.57%
Deposits amounts from a minimum of AED 25,000 up to AED 5 million

Terms and Conditions apply.


  • Available in AED.
  • Early withdrawal (>6 months):Eligible for profits*
  • Profit payout on annual basis.
  • Competitive profit rates.

*If the deposit is withdrawn prior to the agreed maturity date, the prevalent savings rate at Emirates Islamic will be applied. No profits will be paid on early withdrawal during the first 6 months.


  • Available to individuals, joint accounts and can also be opened for minors.
  • Available for businesses including sole proprietorships, partnerships as well as Joint Stock and Limited Liability organizations.


Existing Customers:

    Signed Booster Wakala Agreement
New Customers:

  • Completed Application Form to open Current or Savings account with the bank.
  • Signed Booster Wakala Agreement.
  • Original and photocopy of Khulasat Al Qaid or Passport for UAE Nationals.
  • Original and photocopy of passport with valid residence visa for expatriates.
For Entities:

  • Company profile and valid legal documents including
    1. Passport copies of all owners
    2. Commercial registration
    3. Business and/or Trade License
    4. Articles of Association or partnership documents
    5. Chamber of commerce certificate
  • Audited/in-house financial statements for 3 years
  • Bank statements for 12 months
  • Facilities request letter
  • Any other documents (as required by the Bank)

Please Note: Originals of all documents will be required for verification

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