"Flexi" Term Deposit

Profits and Flexibility Combined

The 9-month "Flexi" Investment Deposit offers the latest investment innovation from Emirates Islamic. The account combines high profits with the flexibility of accessing your funds when you need them.

If you want to withdraw your funds before the completion of the deposit period, you will still receive a proportion of your profits*.

Withdrawal Between 0-3 Months

Savings profit rate declared for the concerned quarter(s) for each completed calendar month.

Withdrawal Between 3-6 Months

3 Months Investment Term Deposit profit rate declared for the respective calendar quarter(s) plus Savings profit rate for each subsequent calendar month completed.

* Profit adjustments will be done to the profit already paid based on previous quarters 9 months. "Flexi" profit rate already credited to the customer's account to arrive at the final payment.

Please Note: These profits are provided at the discretion of the bank. Terms and Conditions Apply