Kunooz Savings Account

Save & win BIG with Kunooz Savings Account.

Kunooz Savings Account from Emirates Islamic now gets bigger and better. Save today and enrich your life.

  • AED 1 million in August*
  • Five daily cash prizes of AED 3,000 each**
  • Every AED 5,000 saved gives you one chance for the monthly grand prize**
  • Every AED 1,000 saved gives you one chance for the daily cash prizes**
And many more prizes to come from September 2019 onwards.

*Deposits for the month of August, draw conducted in September.
**Daily draws are held on regular basis during the month and grand prize draws are held on first draw of the months. Cash prize will be credited into the winners account within 2 months from draw date.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions related to the prizes.

  • Minimum balance requirements of AED 3,000
  • Available to individuals, joint accounts and can also be opened for minors

  • Completed Application Form
  • Original and photocopy of Khulasat Al Qaid or Passport for UAE Nationals
  • Original and photocopy of passport with valid residence visa for expatriates

Winner of the Tesla Car

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Winner for Month
Masoumeh Shokr Khoda Noroozi Monday, August 05, 2019 July 2019
Azza Taha Mohammed Ahmed Taha Monday, July 08, 2019 June 2019
Mustansir K Doctor Monday, June 10, 2019 May 2019
Parmod Kumar Dhamija Monday, June 10, 2019 May 2019
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Omar Baghoum Monday, May 06, 2019 April 2019
Nouzha Benayad Monday, May 06, 2019 April 2019
Mohamed Yousef Abdulrahman AlHammadi Monday, May 06, 2019 April 2019
Alwin Vibek Kumar Bangera Monday, May 06, 2019 April 2019
Hamida Khalil Ibrahim AlSayegh Monday, May 06, 2019 April 2019
Reem Abdallaibrahimabdalla Alhosani Monday, April 08, 2019 March 2019
Rizwana Muhammad Sikander Monday, April 08, 2019 March 2019
Ahmad Mohammed Rahimshahrawi Monday, April 08, 2019 March 2019
Fatima Hassan Abdalla Monday, April 08, 2019 March 2019
Ala Mohamed Saleh Abdalla Al Ali Monday, April 08, 2019 March 2019
Ariel Gernale Tuesday, February 26, 2019 January 2019
Mohammad Tareq Ghousheh Wednesday, December 05, 2018 November 2018
Salem Mohammed Musabbeh Alkaabi Monday, October 22, 2018 September 2018
Sameer Kariyatta Poil Sunday, August 26, 2018 July 2018
Tariq Abduljalil Mohammad Samia Almutawa Sunday, May 06, 2018 April 2018
Madiha Mohsen Alhaddad Sunday, May 06, 2018 April 2018
Ruffa Marie Hofilena Enano Sunday, May 06, 2018 April 2018
Abdulla Saeed Saleh Alyammahi Sunday, April 15, 2018 March 2018
Ahmad Hamad Alsuwaidi Sunday, March 04, 2018 February 2018

Winner of the (Shopping spree - Prepaid Card with AED 200K) Grand Prize

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Winner for Month
Sara HussainMohammadAwghan Al Awgani Sunday, February 11, 2018 January 2018

Winner of the AED 1,000,000 Grand Prize

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Winner for Month
Abdul Razak Kalathumkara Monday, March 18, 2019 February 2019
Abdulla Alshamsi Tuesday, February 26, 2019 December 2018
Armaz Abdullah Fadel Mohamed Monday, November 12, 2018 October 2018
Hanim Mustafa Mohamed Monday, September 10, 2018 August 2018
Khalid Ahmed Mohamed Abdulrahman Almarzooqi Monday, June 18, 2018 May 2018
Fatima Mohamed Akbar Ali Sunday, January 28, 2018 December 2017
Dagher Darwish Dagher Darwish Almarar Monday, August 08, 2017 July 2017
Sultan Ibrahim Mousa Monday, March 13, 2017 February 2017

Winner of the Aston Martin Car

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Winner for Month
Moustafa Gouda Abdelsatar Akila Sunday, December 10, 2017 November 2017

Winner of the Bentley Continental GT

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Winner for Month
Farah Naz Mohammad Z Umer Tuesday, October 10, 2017 September 2017
Marwan Amin Mohamed Al Sharif Monday, July 02, 2017 June 2017
Moaza Abdulla W.O.A Monday, January 09, 2017 December 2016

Winner of the Studio Apartment

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Winner for Month
Christine Fuerte Magtibay Or Maria Julieta Gustilo Gigantone Monday, November 06, 2017 October 2017
Kanchan Chandrakumar Navlani-kanchan Chandra Monday, September 11, 2017 August 2017
Mohamed Alaleeli Monday, June 19, 2017 May 2017
Wesal Jasim Ali Habash Monday, May 8, 2017 April 2017
Abdulaziz S Yousuf S Mohyi M Ahmad Monday, April 10, 2017 March 2017
Ahmed Abdou Noaman K Monday, February 5, 2017 January 2017

Customer Name Daily Draw Date Draw Conducted Date Cash Prize
John Bosco Thursday,01-August-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Ejaz Ahmed Thursday,01-August-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulla Mohammed Rashed Thursday,01-August-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Tahiya Ali Salim Saleem Alkitani Thursday,01-August-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Hashem Salem Hashem Salem Eldash Thursday,01-August-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Alya Salem Ali Malik Almansoori Wednesday,31-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Nataliia Derkach Wednesday,31-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Magdi Mohamed Sami Wednesday,31-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Sultan Salem Juma Salem Alkaabi Wednesday,31-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Zuhair Said Al Saber Wednesday,31-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Khadija Eisa Abdalla Shahdad Almaaz Tuesday,30-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmed Beyi Tuesday,30-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Asmaa Alirashed Alkaabi Tuesday,30-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed Abdalla Ala Tuesday,30-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Nabil Sobhi Mohamed Al Shami Tuesday,30-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Humaid Hamad Alshamsi Monday,29-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Fahim Zain Saeed Zain Alzubaidi Monday,29-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abbas Ali Monday,29-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Muntaha El Doulami Monday,29-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Hend Abdulqader Alemadi Monday,29-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Khalifa Matar Ibrahim Mohd Almannae-Ghaya &or Khali Sunday,28-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Naimi Naimi Sunday,28-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Faisal Sharif Salem Sultan Alali Sunday,28-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulla Mohammad Yousuf Ahmad Alhaddad Sunday,28-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Nasser Bakhit Saeed Jaber Alkhyeli Sunday,28-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Hamad Saoud Hatfar Al Ahbabi Thursday,25-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Alisha Co Shaheen U (Minor) Thursday,25-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Hamad Obaid Hamad Kaabous Alzaabi Thursday,25-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Amer Abdulraoof Alavi Thursday,25-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Amer Hossein Zaree Thursday,25-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Amar Ghaiath Aljesri Wednesday,24-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Amin Ghuloom Mohamed Amin Lenjawi Wednesday,24-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Abdulrahman A Ghaffar Alkh Wednesday,24-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Sara Mhd Marwan Al Dimachki Wednesday,24-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmad Salemabdullasalem Almehairi Wednesday,24-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Faisal Khamis Malalla Yaqout Alhammadi Tuesday,23-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Khalifa Bader Nasser Asad Aldahmani Or Bader Nasser Asad A R Aldhamani Tuesday,23-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Rehan Mohamedmostafa Abdelkader Tuesday,23-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Walid Mohamed Abdulrahim Almulla Tuesday,23-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Helal Saqer Mohammed Aljaberi Tuesday,23-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Nasser Hassan Albadi Monday,22-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Shadi Vakili Monday,22-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Amanat Rasul Khan Monday,22-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Nader Saleh Nasser Husain Alawlaqi Monday,22-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Nermin Atiamahmoud Elkherbawy Monday,22-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
M Sabri Abdulhadi Hamida Sunday,21-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Sadia Ahmerahmer Qasim Or Ahmer Qasimmuhammad Qasim Shakoor Sunday,21-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Maryam Abdulla Hassan Abdulla Ahli Sunday,21-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Salah Ali Sayed M Alshinqiti Sunday,21-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Wael Ahmadfawzia Abdullah Sunday,21-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammad Tareq Ghousheh Thursday,18-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Ali Khaleifa Saeed Masoud Alkindi Thursday,18-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Louie John Usman Cayabyab Thursday,18-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
April Magtanong Orfano Thursday,18-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulqadir Ismailmohamedabdullah Alzarooni Thursday,18-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Naser Ahmed Saleh Amer Alafeefi Wednesday,17-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Hajar Mohamed Jasim Alhosani Wednesday,17-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Samoon Ali Shahul Hameed Wednesday,17-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Imran Topiwala Wednesday,17-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Badreya Mohammed Abdulla Wednesday,17-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Shaikha Mohamed Obaid Tuesday,16-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Heirs Of Salim Khamis Ali Musabeh B Tuesday,16-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mamta Bhandari Tuesday,16-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Fatima Ali Salem Mohammed Aldhaheri Tuesday,16-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Khadega Abdulla Amer Tuesday,16-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Abdulla A Al Ali Monday,15-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Zaid Al Hilali Monday,15-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mahra Adel Ebrahim Noor Khunji Monday,15-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Saeed Khalfan Eisa Bin Eisa Althabahi Monday,15-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Ebrahimalikasain Alteneiji Monday,15-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Said Al Madhani Sunday,14-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Shaikha Fatima Ali Rashid Alnuaimi Sunday,14-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmad Salman Sunday,14-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Maryam Said Salim Al Hajri Sunday,14-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Abdulrahman A Ghaffar Alkh Sunday,14-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abir Zahran Said Al Hadhrami Thursday,11-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Obaid Sulaiman Salem Ahmed Thursday,11-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Ibrahim Khan Khan Thursday,11-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Naushad Shameem Khan Thursday,11-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Majid Issa Khalfan Alhuraimel Alsha Thursday,11-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Maryam Ali Wednesday,10-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Sarah Saeed Ahmed Abu Alreesh Wednesday,10-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Hasansulaimanalkaiz Alshemeili Wednesday,10-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmad Mahboob Ali Ali Musabih Wednesday,10-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Samira Khalil S Saba Wednesday,10-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Sumaya Fuad Mohammad Bukhash Tuesday,09-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abeer Suliman Th Fakhori Tuesday,09-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Himal Rai Rai Tuesday,09-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abdelrahman Ali Saeed Binsaho Alsuw Tuesday,09-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mary Jannet Alcos Malhotra Tuesday,09-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Khalifa Abdulla Saeed Ali Alsaedi Monday,08-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Syed Kamran Haider Monday,08-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulrahman Juma Alawadhi Monday,08-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Gamal Ali Maarouf Monday,08-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Michael Charles Diliberto Monday,08-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Amira Said Abdelsatar Aly Abdelaal Sunday,07-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Bader Nasser Asad A R Aldhamani Sunday,07-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Matilda Peters Sunday,07-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Hasan Qasim Hasan Baidah Sunday,07-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Jocelyn Yu Anteza Sunday,07-July-2019 05-August-2019 AED 3,000
Fahad Fazal Thursday,04-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hanoof  Sultan Mohammad Thursday,04-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mona Abdulmajid Almutawa Thursday,04-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Smriti Lamba Thursday,04-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulraheem Mohamed Shareef Almarzo Thursday,04-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Tariq Saadi Wednesday,03-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Farah Abdul Rahman Al Zoabi Wednesday,03-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Dhiyab Aziz Hamed Aal Abdulsalam Wednesday,03-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shaikha Mohammedhumaid Alrezi Alshamsi Wednesday,03-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hind K Mohammed Wednesday,03-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Anas Omar Said Salameh Tuesday,02-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mariam Khaleefa Saeed Mohamed Almansoori Tuesday,02-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Khalid Rashid Almehairi Tuesday,02-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Yahya Mohammed Almuez Tuesday,02-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulla Kunhi Nooruddin Tuesday,02-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Farooq Ibrahim Fathulla Ahli Monday,01-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Abdulhakim Mohamed Amer Alhelali Monday,01-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Setareh Soltan Ali Dinnarzadeh Monday,01-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sufian Kariem Alami (Minor) Monday,01-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shaukatali Abdulhusein Dawood Monday,01-July-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Salem Abdulla Almur Sunday,30-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Koubal Khalil Mohammed Al Khadour Sunday,30-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Layla Moosa Ali Abdulla Shehabi Sunday,30-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Fatmah Rashed Ali Saeed Alkaabi Sunday,30-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Salem Mohamed Ahmed Salem Alsalami Sunday,30-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Badreyya Mohammed Alshehhi Thursday,27-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Dhiyab Aziz Hamed Aal Abdulsalam Thursday,27-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashid Obaid Abdulrahman Abdulkarim Almulla Thursday,27-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashid  M Safwan Thursday,27-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Raffi Haroton Kavlakian Andor Nour-Raffi & Or No Thursday,27-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulrahman Juma Alawadhi Wednesday,26-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdel Basit Mohamed Mohamed Salih Wednesday,26-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ziad El Zailaa Wednesday,26-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Essam Nasser Abdulla Alawadhi Wednesday,26-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Wafaa Ghassan Subhi Istaitieh Wednesday,26-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sudha Madhuri Attivilli Tuesday,25-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Leila Hamed Mohamed Aqil Abdulla Kazim Tuesday,25-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Saleh Cherikathodu Tuesday,25-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Khaild Ahmed Hareb Tuesday,25-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Marwan  Salem Abdulla Salem Almheiri Tuesday,25-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Obaid Saeed Humaid Alaraj Alsuwaidi Monday,24-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Marwan Jassem Mohd Ali Albalooshi Monday,24-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Jamila Ali Alshamsi Monday,24-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Abdulrahim Mohd A Alahmed Monday,24-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Masood Ahmed Monday,24-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdul Rahim Walid Ghazzi Sunday,23-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ghassan Mohd Al Shami Sunday,23-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Elyazya Jumakhalifaalqama Almheiri Or Khalifa Jumakhalifathani Alqama Almheiri Sunday,23-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ibrahim Fayez Nabih Algarousha-Ibrahimbahrya Sunday,23-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammad Ibrahim Shamsuddin Abdulla Sunday,23-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Somayeh Mohammad Hadi Maleki Thursday,20-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Igor Taslytskyy Thursday,20-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sharmeen Mohammed Anees Lodha Thursday,20-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Laurent Francis Olivier Jeanjean Thursday,20-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Fatemeh Ali Shah Karam Thursday,20-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Najat Mohamed Mirza Al Shemsi Wednesday,19-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Somia Fathy Ahmed Tolba Wednesday,19-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashed M Almansoori Wednesday,19-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulrazaq Ali Ibarhim Mohamed Wednesday,19-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ambreen Irfan Wednesday,19-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Amna Juma Hassan Bu Katarah Tuesday,18-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdalla Mohamed Rashid Alnaqbi Tuesday,18-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mansoor Alhammadi Tuesday,18-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Hasan Ali Ebrahim Almarzooqi Tuesday,18-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mansoor Ahmed Mohammed Al Ezzi Tuesday,18-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Muhammad Mobeen Aslam Monday,17-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mubarak Mohammad Abdulla Mohammed A Monday,17-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Prasannan Kanjirapparambil Dharapalan Monday,17-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Khalid Abdullaabdulrahmanabdulla Fikree Monday,17-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sh A Co Mohd Alsharqi (Mnr) Monday,17-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shaima Ahmad Abdulla Sunday,16-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Marwan Eissa Ibraheem Ahmed Almarzooqi Sunday,16-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Iveta Stankeviciute Sunday,16-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Noora Ibrahim Alfalasi Sunday,16-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan Abdulla Alba-Ibrahimmaryam Sunday,16-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ibrahim Fayez Nabih Algarousha-Ibrahimbahrya Thursday,13-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Jamal Ali Salim Saleem Alkitani-Kifah & Or Jama Thursday,13-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shamseh Jamal Mohammed  Almheiri Or Jamal Mohammed Ahmad Almheiri Thursday,13-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Imran Zafar &Or Mona Imran Thursday,13-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmed Mohamedsaeedhumaid Alyammahi Thursday,13-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Noora Mohammad Obaid Saeed Ghurab Wednesday,12-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Alia Suhail Al Mehairi Wednesday,12-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Aisha Ali Mohamed Bin Sarm Al Ali Wednesday,12-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelrahman Karrani Wednesday,12-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Amira Mokhtarredha Almulla Wednesday,12-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shihab Tariq Taimur Alsaid Tuesday,11-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Salem Abdulla Almur Tuesday,11-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Kuerban Reyila Tuesday,11-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Manal Javed Siddiqui Tuesday,11-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Humayun Naveed Sleemy Tuesday,11-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Muath Khamis Alshehhi Monday,10-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Khaled Yousef Abulfadl Monday,10-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rose Felecia Cosca Delfin Monday,10-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Komal Co Kulwinder Bassi(Mnr) Monday,10-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Yahya Mohammed Hussein Aishan Monday,10-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Samina Ahmed Sunday,09-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Maryam Mohammed Mohammed Ali Mohammed Allengawi Sunday,09-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ayham Abdalla Housain Sunday,09-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Celeste Ortega Sunday,09-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mozah Mohamed Sulaiman Matlaei Alya Sunday,09-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Saber Elabd Thursday,06-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammad Fahad Alsalman Thursday,06-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hassan Yousif Alqaseer Thursday,06-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohmmad Ali Mohammad Alkamali Thursday,06-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Jaber Mohd A A Alkhoori Thursday,06-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Juma Mubarak Bakhit Lenjawi Wednesday,05-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Apinder Kaur Sabharwal Wednesday,05-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Asma Co Mabkhout Al Sayari Wednesday,05-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Amr Arafa Hassan Gomaa Wednesday,05-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Moudhi Yusuf Rubaya Ali Wednesday,05-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Amgad Rateb Khalil Salib Or Iman Anwar Soliman Hakim Tuesday,04-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Muna Saifahmad Alghurair Tuesday,04-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Firas Ismael Aldahhak Tuesday,04-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Said Lachgar Tuesday,04-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rahim Safiqur Rahaman Tuesday,04-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shaikha Aref A Owlaki Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sajani Prashanth Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Tarek Ragab Sayed Ahmed Eisa Basar Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Yahia Awad Omer Abd El Raman Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Majid Mohamed Saif Obaid Alhajeri Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Ali Saleh Abdulrab Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mahmoud Ali Naqi Jaffar Alzarouni Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmed Mohamed R M A Kasem Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Kunhabdulla Valiyakattil Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hussain Kalanad Mohammed Monday,03-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Nasser Mohammad Obaid Qatami  Alsuwaidi Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Tafani Gamil Ahmed Al Mashehari Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Noora Alihussain Alsumaiti Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Yazan M S S Abu Zarur Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Amina Omar Ali Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Muna Malalla Salem Malalla Sowais Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Fatima Hassan Mohamed Almandoos Alblooshi Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Haya Bashar Ismaeel Khawaja Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hasan Ali Abdulla Alali Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashed Abdulla Helal Ahmed Alshuwei Sunday,02-June-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Marwa Mohieddin Alhilali Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Humanyun Ashraf Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Jamal  Fanous Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Lulwa Bilal Mubarak Mohammad Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hamad Ahmad Abulrazzaq Ustadi And Munira Mohd Hashem Ahmed Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Omar O Alkatheeri Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Rashed Alnuaimi Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Jamileh Ahmad Azizi Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Saeed Ahmadmohammedsubaih Albedwawi Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdul Wahab Abdul Kader Thursday,30-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shaikha Fatima Abdulaziz Almualla Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Suad Eisa Saeed Alkindi Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mountaha Fawaz Ep Mudaffar Al Qaisi Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ganesan Bhagawatheeswara Iyer-Ganesan Bhagawa Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Haitham Idris Younis Elbishari Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mariam Salemabdallah Mohamad Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sameera Shabbir Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Vandana Singh Dogra Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Ismail Haikal Ahmed Ismail Alblooshi Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Asma M Abdulrahman Bin Q Alsuwaidi Wednesday,29-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulla A Tahwarah Almehairi Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Shahraban Ghuloom Ali Abdulla Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamad Kamel Kamal Asali Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmed Fuad Abdo Al Ademi Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Aljouri Ali Ahmed Ali Alzeyoudi Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Suraj Chhetri Suraj & Karima Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Fatin Alnaibari Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Saif Khalfan Ahmad Saeed Almansoori Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rabie Saleh Choumari Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Tammam Abdullah Al Azizi Tuesday,28-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Wael Fouad Al Hariri Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Dana Ahmed Hassan Abdalla Al Ali Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sara Abdula A M Binshafi Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Jumana Faysal Sigari Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Saeed Mohammed Saed Humaid Almuhair Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Saeed Abdulshakoor Hussain Tahlak Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmed Saeedahmedsalem Alshehhi Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashid Obaid Abdulrahman Abdulkarim Almulla Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Prateek Bhatia And/Or Sonia Khiani Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Alexandr Kuguk Monday,27-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammed Zarif Morad Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Fathima Rinza Shahul Hameed Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Alaleeli Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohammad Ali Ibrahim Mohammad(Minor) Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Yehia Gamal Fathi Ahmed Or Gamal Fathi Ahmed Tolba Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ruben Hernando Bongbong Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Fatma Faraj Binalizowa Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashid Ahmed Rasheed Mohamed Banirasheed Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mariam Khalifa Khalid Asad Alawadhi Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashed Abdulla Murshed Rashed Sunday,26-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hasan Alkazemi Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Haitham Mahmoud Hussein Mohammad Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Saif Rashed Alhebsi Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Jawed Mangrani Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Basit Abbas Rizvi Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Fatmah Abdullah Alradwan Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Muhammad Yousuf Shambay Laghar Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Husain Ali Alwaheedi Almarz Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Saeed Ahmed Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Osama Friejeh Thursday,23-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Khalid Mohammed Tazeem Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Fazroon Fowzer Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Nadera A M Z Kamali Almarzouqi Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Saeed Rashed Mohamed Alzahmi Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Rashed Hasan Moosa Hasan Alsameekh Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmad Hassan Kaddoura Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Nidal Fk Ashour Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ali Shan Iftikhar Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Amani Abdellatif Hussain Hasasneh Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Humaid Abdelkarim Ahmed Abdalla Al Ali Wednesday,22-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Noor Khan &Or Neelab Haidari-Noor Khan Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Vaqar Ahmad Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Zainab Alihussainabdulnabi Al Darwish Or Ali Hussain Mohamed Al Darwish Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Hamda Alimohammadabdulla Juma Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamad Gholam Khawri Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Sultan Saeedmohamedalbadi Aldhaheri Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Armaz Abdullah Fadel Mohamed Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Oasha Ali Sultan Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmed Mohammed Saad Binqathla Al Ahbabi (Minor) Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdul Khader Thottathikulam Makkar Tuesday,21-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Aisha Mohamed Obaid Ali Alzaabi - M Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulbasit A Samad Alnuaimi Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ghazi Hamad Alhaji Ahwish Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ahmed Saeed Rashed Alzamhari Alshemeili Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohamed Ibrahim Alshaiba Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdelaziz Abdelrahman Alali Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Waleed Ahmed Akram Kareem Al Al Ali Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Mohd Hadi Mohd Almarashi Andor Hab Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Ashok Mathew Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
Abdulla Ali Aalali Monday,20-May-2019 10-June-2019 AED 3,000
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Month Draw Date Daily Draw Grand Draw
Prize Prize
2019-July Monday, July 08, 2019 100 winners of AED 3,000 each for the period of
9-June-2019 to 4-July-2019
Tesla Car Grand Prize of June 2019
2019-August Monday, August 05, 2019 100 winners of AED 3,000 each for the period of
7-July-2019 to 1-August-2019
Tesla Car Grand Prize of July 2019
2019-September Monday, September 02, 2019 85 winners of AED 3,000 each for the period of
4-August-2019 to 29-August-2019 (11,12,13 August are off)
AED 1M Cash Grand Prize of August 2019
Monday, September 23, 2019 75 winners of AED 3,000 each for the period of
1-Sep-2019 to 19-Sep-2019