Our beloved Nation’s 50.
Al HamdAllah.

There was a time
When our world ended at the horizon
When our life was embedded in sand
And our work was in the depths of the sea
Al HamdAllah

Then we rose from the sands
We emerged from the sea
We reached for the sky
Al HamdAllah

We went beyond familiar horizons
We touched the stratosphere
Explored the realms beyond
Al HamdAllah

Today they say we’re unbelievable
Today they know we achieve the unimaginable
Al HamdAllah

How did this incredible story get written?

First, with an astonishing belief in ourselves
The stunning foresight of our forefathers
And the farsighted vision of our leadership
Al HamdAllah

And that’s just the last fifty years
Imagine the next fifty
Al HamdAllah

At Emirates Islamic, we’re proud to be part of this moment
Proud to be one with our beloved nation

Celebrating 50 incredible years of the UAE
Al HamdAllah

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