Business Banking

All charges below are exclusive of VAT (**). Click here for more details.

Current Account

Parameters Classic
(Not Available for New Customers)
*Minimum Monthly Average Relationship Balance (a) >= 10,000 to 35,000
Any Finance Facilities (b) Any Active Finance
EIFB Brokerage/Stock Trading Accounts (c) Any Active EIFB Brokerage/Stock Trading Accounts
Monthly Fee (FALL BELOW FEE) (only if conditions 'a' or 'b' or 'c' are not met) AED 250 per month
Relationship Fee AED 200 per month
Euro Account Maintenance Fee (w.e.f 1 July 2018) EUR 40
Teller Fees (Cash Deposit & Withdrawal / Fund Transfer (Cheque / Intergroup) AED 50 Per transaction
Bulk cash deposit & withdrawal at teller counter 0.5% of the total cash deposited / withdrawn, for amounts of 1 Million and above on a daily basis
Customer Package Changes / Charges NA
*Emirates Islamic reserves the right to downgrade the package, if the Minimum Average Balance requirement is not met for three consecutive months.

Cheque Related Charges

Parameters Classic
Cheque Book Charges
(Online & Manual)
AED 50 per cheque book of 50 leaves*
Cheque Book - Processing Fee
(Additional Charges for Manual Request)
AED 50 per request
Cheque / DDA (Direct Debit Authority) returned charges AED 200
Cheque Book Delivery (Branch) AED 50
Cheque Return - Inward (return reason "Represent after 3 working days")* AED 200
Inward clearing fees Free
Cheque collection charges 0.125% of the cheque amount, subject to a min. AED50 & a max. AED500 -, plus AED 80 as courier charge
* As per the mandate from the Central Bank of UAE, cheque books issued during the first 6 months of opening the account could be limited to 10 leaves depending on the entity’s rating with the credit bureau (AECB).

Telegraphic Transfer (Manual Request)

Parameters Classic
Local TT AED 100
International TT AED 120

Telegraphic Transfer (Online/smartBUSINESS)

Parameters Classic
Local TT AED 30
International TT AED 45


Parameters Classic
Certificate of Balance AED 150 per certificate

Salary WPS Charges

Parameters Classic
Manual Processing Charges (via Branches)*
* Manual WPS processing allowed only for
approved customers.
AED 750 per file + AED 3 per account
(per account charge is Free for EI/ENBD Accounts)
smartBUSINESS (via electronic platform) *AED 55 per File / Batch + AED 3 per account
(per account charge is Free for EI/ENBD Accounts)

Salary (Non WPS)

Parameters Classic
Manual Processing Charges (via Branches)*
* Manual WPS processing allowed only for approved customers.
AED 200 per File / Batch + AED 3 per account
(per account charge is Free for EI/ENBD Accounts)
smartBUSINESS (via electronic platform) AED 100 per File / Batch + AED 3 per account
(per account charge is Free for EI/ENBD Accounts)

GPSSA (Pension Payment)

Parameters Classic
Manual Processing Charges (via Branches) AED 200 per file + AED 2 per beneficiary.
smartBUSINESS (via electronic platform) AED 50 per file + AED 2 per beneficiary.

Noqodi Payment (Online/smartBUSINESS)

Parameters Classic
Noqodi Top-up / Voucher AED 10

Statement Charges

Parameters Classic
Request for copy of statement (non periodic) AED 5 per page. Minimum AED 100
Physical Statement (Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly) AED 150
e-statement (monthly) Free
Liability Letter AED 250
No Liability Letter AED 250

Standing Instructions

Parameters Classic
Set up charges AED 100
Periodic Payments (per transaction) Free
Amendment charges AED 55
Failed Standing Instruction AED 55
Balance order AED 500 p.a.

Inward Remittances

Parameters Classic
If deposited in beneficiarys’ account Free

Demand Draft and MC/PO:Others

Parameters Classic
Issuance of DD/MC/PO AED 50
Cancellation of DD/MC/PO AED 50
Additional telex (e.g. tracer) sent at request of customer - UAE AED 100
Additional telex (e.g. tracer) sent at request of customer - Others AED 100
Cancellation of remittance instruction/recalling of funds remitted AED 100
Swift message copy AED 40
Special Clearing - Outward AED 150
Special Clearing - Inward (Proceeds by Manager’s Cheque) AED 150
Special Clearing - Inward (Proceeds through UAE Central Bank) AED 150
Request for copy of old cheuqes up to 6 months old AED 30 per copy
Request for copy of old cheuqes more than 6 months old AED 50 per copy

Stop Payment Charge (per instruction)

Parameters Classic
For Cheque/Demand Draft/Manager’s Cheque (up to 3 leaves/unit) AED 50
For Cheque/Demand Draft/Manager’s Cheque (Greater than 3 leaves/units) AED 60
Account Closure (within 6 months) AED 200
Dormant Account Charges AED 300 per year

Foreign Currency (Collected in same FCY)

Parameters Classic
Foreign Currency cash deposit 1% (Minimum AED 100)
Foreign Currency cash withdrawal 1% (Minimum AED 100)

Trade Licence Expiry

Parameters Classic
Trade License Updation - Processing Fee
(Manual Request)
AED 100 per request
Trade License Renewal
(grace period of 2 months allowed from date of expiration)
AED 350 monthly

Other Charges

Parameters Classic
Audit confirmation AED 250
TCI report AED 250
Other reports AED 250

Credit/Confidential Reports

Parameters Classic
Issued to organizations within UAE AED 250
Issued to organizations outside UAE AED 250

Post Dated Cheques

Parameters Classic
Extension of due date AED 40
Substitution of cheque with cash AED 40
Postdated cheques deposited for collection AED 40
Letters of Encashment 0.125%
Cheque Certification N/A

Outward Clean Collections

Parameters Classic
Standard collections: Free
Commission Free
OCC Return Charges Cheque return charges:
AED 100
Cash letter items Commission 1/10% (minimum AED 20,
maximum AED 500
or equivalent)
AED 10 for post

Inward Clean Collection

Parameters Classic
Commission 1/8 percent (minimum
AED 40, maximum AED
500 or equivalent)
Proceeds by DD/MC AED 10
Proceeds by TT AED 60 per message

Other Services

Parameters Classic
Hold mail Free
Holding undelivered mail AED 100 p.a.

Postage (to be recovered in all cases where mailing is required as part of a transaction):

Parameters Classic
UAE AED 15 minimum
Other AED 30 minimum


Parameters Classic
Others AED 50


Parameters Classic
Others AED 150 minimum

Telex/Cable/SWIFT messages (Based on the length of the message)

Parameters Classic
UAE  AED 60 minimum
Others AED 70 minimum
Investigations Within 1 year  AED 80
After 1 year minimum
AED 120
Request for non-standard
statement frequency
AED 50 p.m.
Send MT940s on customer request
(Monthly per account)
AED 150 per month


Parameters Classic
Capital Guarantee Certificate AED 2000
Attestation of Signature AED 150

Certificate for Issuance of Trade Licence Favouring

Parameters Classic
Department of Economic
AED 1500
Free Zones and others AED 1500
T.C. Purchase AED 20
Issue of IPO/Rights issues by order AED 100

Channel Fees : smartBUSINESS

Parameters Classic
Subscription Fees AED 200 per month
Token charges AED 250/- per token
Password Reset AED 50/- per request
Swift message copy download AED15
Subsidiary / Associate company
account addition
AED 100/- per request

Corporate Cash and Cheque Collection

Parameters Classic
Per Visit Charges As per Contract
Corporate Cash Collection - Processing Fee As per Contract

SMS and Online Fees

Parameters Classic
Subscription Fees Free
Monthly SMS Charges Free
Fax Indemnity Charge AED 500 per anum

Emirates Islamic Debit Card Charges

Parameters Classic
Annual Fee Free
Debit Card Replacement Fee AED 50
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee* 2.50%
Copy of Sales Voucher Free
Usage fee in UAE at Emirates Islamic / Emirates NBD ATMs
Cash Withdrawal/Deposit Free
Balance Inquiry Free
Mini statement Free
Utility payment Free
Usage fee on Non Emirates Islamic / Emirates NBD (UAE Switch) ATMs
Cash Withdrawal AED 2
Balance Inquiry AED 1
Declined transaction AED 1
In Arab Gulf Cooperation Countries at GCC NET ATMs
Cash Withdrawal AED 6
Balance Inquiry AED 3
International ATMs (outside UAE)
Cash Withdrawal AED 20
Balance Inquiry Free (if available)
*This fee is charged in addition to the standard processing fee charged by Visa International and is applicable to transactions performed in any currency other than UAE Dirhams. Charges are in UAE Dirhams and subject to Bank's policies. All fees and changes in this guide are subject to change without notice. Bank reserves the right to offer services and charges mentioned above at its sole discretion. Bank reserves the right to levy additional charges for additional services that might be offered in addition to the above mentioned services at its discretion
** All charges, commissions and fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax or any other similar sales tax (VAT).