Trade Finance and Corporate Operations Charges

All charges below are exclusive of VAT (*****). Click here for more details.

Import LC Issuance Commission

Upto AED 100,000/
Above AED 100,000/
0.125% p.m.(min 3 mths)
0.0625% p.m. (min 3 mths)
AED 350
Revolving LC
0.125% p.m. (min 3 mths)
AED 400
Back to Back

Same as LC issuance Com (min 3 mths)
AED 650
Standby LC
0.125% p.m. (1.5 pa) min 3 mths
AED 400
Amendments Enhancement/Extension

Same as relevant LC Issuance Commission (min 3 mths)
AED 300
Misc amendments AED 250
Withdrawl of LC processed not issued AED 150
Cancellation after issuance (Amendment) AED 250
Draft of LC to client AED 150
Reinstatement of Expired LC Same as relevant LC Issuance Com (min AED 300)

Import LC Bills

Acceptance of Usance Bills under LC (Acceptance to Maturity) 0.15pct p.m. (Acceptance to Maturity) Min AED 300
Handling Com (LC available with EI + received from non nominated bank) 0.125% flat (Min AED 300)
Handling Commssion Other documents (Processing Fee) AED 100 flat Each Bill
Reimb/Payment Charges Import LC USD 100/AED 370
Discp Charges USD 135/ AED 500 (Including Swift)
Documents received after expiry under Import LC's Same as relevant LC Issuance Com (Min AED 250)
Commission on overdrawn LC amount 0.125% p.m. (min 3 months) Min AED 300
Payment acceptance tracers - Responses AED 125/ USD 35
Leg Service charge AED 25 per Bill
Safe Custody charges unpaid/unaccepted disc docs - Import LC AED 250/ PM (after one month from date of receipt of such bills)
Docs if returned unpaid /unaccepted AED 250 / USD 69/ + Courier (o/a Ben)
Fee for Issuance of Managers cheque for agents commission AED 250/ per cheque
Payment Fee for Agents Comm thru FTS AED 200/ per FTS
Commission in Lieu of Exchange* 0.25% flat(Min AED 200) / Not applicable for Hedged Deals

Shipping Guarantee

Issuance of Shipping Guarantee / Delivery order 0.125% flat (Min AED 400)
Shipping Guarantee / Delivery order outstanding after one month 0.125% p.m. (Min AED 200)

Import Collection

Bill Handling com - DP/DA ** 0.125% flat on bill amnt (Min. AED 250)
Acceptance Processing Fees AED 100 + SWIFT Charges
Bills delivered on Free of Payment Basis 0.125% flat (Min AED 250)
Bills returned unaccepted/unpaid 0.125% flat Min AED 250 + Courier + SWIFT chgs o/a bene
Transfer of Documents ** AED 200 + Courier/Swift
Amendment of Collection instructions ** AED 150
Avalisation of IDC - In addition to Handling/Settlement/Acceptance ** 0.15% p.m. Min 3 months (Min AED 300)
Adm fee on documents held unpaid / unaccepted after one month of sight or after due date AED 250 p.m.
Pre/Part settlement fee AED 100 for each settlement
Reimb/Payment Commission USD 100 / AED 370
Commission in Lieu of Exchange * 0.25 % flat (Min AED 200) / Not applicable for Hedged Deals

Export Collections

Handling Charges Collection ** 0.125% flat (min AED 300)
Amendment Fee Collection ** AED 100 + SWIFT Charges
ODC Docs returned unpaid AED 100
Unpaid doc for more than 1 month (Sight or Due date) AED 150
Handling and despatch of revised /additional docs under Collection AED 250 + Courier
Non submission of copy documents for file AED 100
Payment / Acceptance Tracer AED 125/USD35
Commission in Lieu of Exchange * 0.25 % flat (Min AED 200) / Not applicable for Hedged Deals

Exports L/C Advising

LC advising
Non Customer

AED 300
AED 350
LC amend advising
Non Customer

AED 200
AED 250/USD 70
Advising LC/Amd to another Bank (2nd Advising Bank) Local AED 300/ AED 200 + courier / SWIFT
Confirmation Chgs (Min 3 months) *** Case by Case (Min AED 500)
Silent Confirmation *** Case by Case (Min AED 500)

Transfer LCs

Transfer 0.125% of DC Value flat, Min AED 750
Transfer Amendment (Increase) 0.125% flat of incremental transfer value (Min AED 400)
Transfer Misc amendments AED 300
Documents Processing/Negotiation commission DC 0.125% flat (min AED 300)

Export LC Bills

Acceptance com on Confirmed LC (Acceptance - Maturity) Case by Case (Min AED 300)
Documents Processing/Negotiation commission DC 0.125% flat (min AED 300)
Commission on documents fwd to nominated bank for Neg 0.125% flat (min AED 300)
Discp handling charges AED 200 / flat
Reimbursement per claim USD 100 / AED 370
Assignment Fee ** 0.125% flat (min AED 400)
Handling and despatch of revised /additional documents under LC AED 250
LC Disc Docs returned AED 200/ USD 55 + Courier
Pre examination of copies of documents under DC and advising of our observations / suggestions 0.10% flat of the bill value (Min AED 250)
Non submission of copy documents for file (per bill) AED 100
Payment / Acceptance Tracer AED 125/USD35
Commission in Lieu of Exchange * 0.25 % flat (Min AED 200) / Not applicable for Hedged Deals


Processing fee / Commission
- Our own Acceptance 0.125% Flat (Min AED 200) plus Brokerage
- Advance payment(Open AC) Wakala/Istisna AED 200
- Open AC - Liquidity Financing AED 500 plus Brokerage
- Murabaha Processing Fee AED 200
- Murabaha Prepayment Partial/Full AED 100
- Export bills 0.125% Flat or as agreed with the customer (Min AED 200) plus Brokerage
- PPC/Invoice/PDC etc (R/F) 0.125% Flat (Min AED 200) plus Brokerage
- Liquidity Financing / Roll-overs AED 500 plus Brokerage
- Brokerage USD 300 / USD Mill


Fixed Expiry Guarantee
0.167% p.m. (min 3 mths)
AED 400
Open Ended / Auto Renewable Guarantee
0.208% p.m. (min 3 mths)
AED 500
Counter Guarantee *
Same as Guarantee Issuance
Guarantee issuance at the request of other Banks As per arrangement with correspondent banks
Labour Guarantees **** 2% p.a. (Min AED 300)
Extension/Enhancement Same as Guarantee Issuance (min AED300)
Reduction in Guarantee value AED 300
General Amendments AED 300
Other Charges
- Settlement of Guarantee claims
- Handling of third party Guarantee claims

AED 300
AED 500
Advising Correspondent Bank Guarantees & Amendments
- Customer
- Non Customer

AED 300
AED 350/ USD 100
Withdrawal of Guarantee prior to Issuance AED 300
Reinstatement of Expired Guarantees Same as Guarantee Issuance + AED 250
Reissuance of Guarantees AED 250


LC SWIFT (MT700) AED 350 / USD 100
LC Mail Charges including courier chgs AED 150/ USD 40
LC Amd SWIFT (MT707) AED 150 / USD 40
LC Amd mail AED 100 / USD 30
Additional charges for non standard LC with long clauses AED 100
Additional charges
- for LC over 4 pages
- Amend over 1 page
AED 50/ per page in excess of 4 pages
LC SWIFT Transferable LC (MT720) AED 350/ USD 100
LC Amnd SWIFT Transferable LC (MT707) AED 150 / USD 40
Guarantee SWIFT (MT 760) AED 350
Guarantee Amendment SWIFT (MT 767) AED 150
SWIFT charges General AED 150 / USD 40
- Local
- International

AED 100 / USD 30
AED 200 / USD 55


Request for photocopy of documents AED 100 Less than 1yr old.
AED 200 more than 1yr old
Personalised advice from CDCS Free
LPO Issuance charges AED 250
RTA Charges for Vehicle Financing AED 100/ per Vehicle
TT Payments - Local AED 50
- International AED 100
Manager's cheque for supplier payment(Murabaha/Ijara) AED 150
MIS information as per client's request AED 50/- per set of information or on a case to case basis depending on the nature of the information sought.

Charges for overdue bills/Murabaha

Processing fee for Transfer of Murabaha/Bills to Past Due + Extension AED 200 / USD 55

* Charged on FCY payments not involving foreign exchange
** EIB reserves the right to charge @ 0.25% of the Bill Value or at higher rate (subject to a minimum of AED 1000) for certain markets.
*** Confirmation charges of export LCs will be based on our assessment of risks in dealing with specific banks in specific countries. Details available upon request.
****Additional charge of AED 25 per labourer and AED 3 per application is levied for eGuarantees (Max up to 99 labourers or AED 297,000 per application)
***** All charges, commissions and fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax or any other similar sales tax (VAT).