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businessONLINE, as an integrated digital platform, delivers a consistent banking experience to businesses of all scales and sizes.

Enjoy transactional efficiency with single access to multiple services, make insightful decisions with real-time dashboards and take advantage of emerging opportunities with a comprehensive view of your financial relationships.

Streamline and simplify your business accounts and activities with businessONLINE today.

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Take control of all your Company Banking Needs.

We’re transforming your banking requirements as you know it with businessONLINE by Emirates Islamic.

businessONLINE is a new, comprehensive digital cash management ecosystem that gives you the control you need across all your financial relationships, accounts, and activities– all on one user-friendly platform.

The smart way to bank.
Work smart with businessONLINE and streamline how you manage your company’s finances.

  • On-the-go mobile banking that is accessible across digital platforms
  • Detailed account & statement reporting
  • Comprehensive payments and collections suite
  • Customized dashboards to cater to different roles
  • Alerts and notifications during every stage of the onboarding process

One platform, all the benefits.

Comprehensive Payment processing Suite
Complete corporate payment processing suite with multiple payment processing capabilities - including international and domestic funds transfers along with corporate payroll processing.

Easy receivables Management
Introduction of a new collection product suite including virtual accounts.

Notifications and alerts
Real-time notification and alerts through multiple channels.

Detailed Account and statement reporting
Complete view of reports and dashboards with analytical capabilities.

Administration capability
Completely re-designed administration with wizard-based navigation, quick onboarding, and detailed user profiling.

Complete visibility
Multi-bank reporting with visible counter-party bank accounts.


Purposely designed features.

Simplify day-to-day tasks on a user-friendly platform that gives you complete visibility of your finances, all in one place.

Payments Receivables Account information and reporting Service requests
  • VAT / Excise (G-IBAN)
  • Internal Transfers – Within Emirates Islamic and ENBD
  • Local & International Telegraphic Transfer
  • Manager’s Cheque / FCY Demand Drafts
  • SWIFT for Corporates
ICCS Collect – Remote Cheque Deposit Account & Statement Reporting (CSV,MT940) Fixed Deposit
Payroll and Pension:
  • WPS (MOL & JAFZA Free Zone )
  • Non WPS Salary
  • GPSSA pension payments
  • Abu Dhabi Pension payments
Direct Debit – UAE DDS Transaction History & MIS Balance Confirmation
Utility Payments:
  • Noqodi Topup
  • DEWA, FEWA, SEWA,ADDC, Salik, Telecom
  • Tax Payments
  • EI and Non EI Credit Card
  • Dubai Municipality and Dubai Trade Payments
Payment Gateway Services (UAEPGS) Exchange Rates Cheque book
  Cash, Cheque & Document Collection   Self Serve
  Virtual accounts    


Capable of simplifying any task.

businessONLINE has been designed to accelerate and simplify the onboarding of new corporate clients with a number of task-based capabilities.

Increasing efficiency
By simplifying the documentation process, we’re reducing the use of paper in favor of digital copies– increasing the overall efficiency of the system and reducing manual errors.

A virtual bank branch
With self-onboarding, you can subscribe to businessONLINE from the comfort of your office or home by initiating the onboarding process at the click of a button.

Better control and oversight
Smart Forms is an online PDF form with easy navigation and clear user groups. Administrative users can use it to place specific requests such as entitlement and maintenance.

Complete transparency
A mailbox on the platform provides notifications during every step of profile creation, providing complete visibility into the entire onboarding process.

Administration and Entitlements

Because you’re entitled to convenience.

businessONLINE provides highly intuitive navigation aimed at simplifying user entitlements that traditionally get complex when setting up various users by placing no restriction on the number of admins, eliminating the need to maintain multiple account IDs to work with different transactions.

Greater productivity
Wizard-based navigation allows administrators to conduct entitlement maintenance and administration processes easily. It provides clear symbols on pre-defined user groups and pre-defined templates for products and services KYC documents can also be uploaded and updated in a few clicks.

More flexibility
The platform holds multiple admins with interchangeable roles, allowing continuous access without the need to sign in with a new ID every time.

More power
A single login credential is required for every user which means you can manage multiple roles such as authorizer as well as an administrator while using a single credential.

Account Management and Reporting

A financial powerhouse at your fingertips.

businessONLINE provides single access to all banking accounts along with external account reporting and a consolidated 360-degree view of cash positions across entities.

Real-time information
Have access to real-time aggregated cash positions across the bank and entities. Plus, get updates on your account status as well as account balances.

Higher customization
Download customized reports for reconciliation, planning, or forecasting online. Account statements can be downloaded in any format including MT940, CSV, PDF and Excel in a given date range along with the bank logo, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your requirements.

Time-saving features
Download multi-account statements in a single click or download VAT statements online and update your trade license through the portal, reducing the time needed in doing these physically at bank branches or downloading multiple statements.

Remote services
Effortlessly provide instructions to the bank from the comfort of your office premise to manage task-based requests to monitor requests online and enjoy faster turnaround time, complete transaction visibility, and reporting capabilities through two methods:

  • Online Drop Box – Upload signed instructions or forms for the bank to process
  • Online Form* - Enter the details online for transactions already initiated from businessONLINE. (*applicable for online TT amendment, TT Recall, Token Request)

CXO Dashboard
The CXO Dashboard is an executive dashboard for the CEOs, CFOs and Corporate Treasurers of our corporate clients to provide a consolidated view of your financial position with the bank including assets and liabilities, accounts summary, FX positions, facility utilization, and both market-data exchange rates and benchmark interest rates.

Virtual Accounts
These are ledge records that look, feel, and operate like a normal bank account– allowing you to segregate daily transactional activities and support intercompany balance and virtual liquidity management. Virtual accounts provide opportunity for bank account consolidation, improved cash visibility, and enhanced operational efficiency in multi-entity, multi-currency, and multi-country structures for natural cash concentration and optimizing working capital.

Comprehensive Payments Suite

Payment suites that meet your needs.

Our payment services let you conveniently check the status of all your payments and transactions on a single screen. The platform supports multiple payment modes including single, bulk, and basket payments, allowing you to utilize auto and manual batching of transactions for approvals and either group multiple transactions manually or allow the system to auto group them. Plus, the system allows the processing of all regulatory payments online such as VAT and GPSSA.

Salary and pension payments
Upload payment instructions for employees wherever they are.

Domestic and Foreign Currency Transfers
Make the most of your competitive rates with quick and convenient international or domestic money transfers at any time.

VAT and Excise payments
Cut down on your paperwork and simplify the process by making VAT payments through the G IBAN number in addition to the e-Dirham and credit card payment option.

Utility and Noqodi payments
Make payments towards utilities such as Etisalat, DEWA, ADDC, Du, Salik and Dubai Municipality. You can also use your noqodi e-wallet to pay for 40+ governmental and semi-governmental entities.

SWIFT for Corporates
We have partnered with SWIFT to increase the speed, transparency, and traceability of your cross-border payments, allowing you to credit payments to end beneficiaries within minutes. An innovative tracker ensures both counterparties receive confirmation in real-time when the supplier or beneficiary is credited.

Remote cheque printing
With Emirates Islamic Corporate Cheque Printing, all cheque stationery with pre-printed MICR is provided, allowing you to request and print the cheque using a regular printer from the comfort of your business premise.

Online request for Manager’s Cheque /DD
Request for Demand Draft and Manager's Cheque online by simply uploading the required documents and selecting the account, beneficiary name, amount, print date, pick up branch, and collector’s details.

Multi-currency capabilities
Pay a beneficiary in the currency of your choice by specifying payment currency in their account, allowing for cross currency payments.

Payment reminders
With online standing instruction set up for recurring payments, you don’t have to worry about missing any payments.

One-click quick pay
Refer to a dropdown of your last 10 payments and quickly initiate payments for the same beneficiary while avoiding the hassle of going through the entire process again.

Receivables Management

Maximize business opportunities.

Enhance visibility of your receivables and improve your working capital with a comprehensive range of global receivables solutions to efficiently manage your entire collection cycle.

ICCS Collect Remote Cheque Deposit
With businessONLINE ICCS Collect, you can deposit, submit, and view cheques from your business premise by digitally scanning and clearing cheques using special scanners. It also gives you the flexibility of extended cut-off times, allowing for faster access to funds.

Direct Debit- UAE DDS
Ideally suited for regular automated payments of fixed or variable amounts, the regulated service eliminates the need for tracking recurring collections and paper-based payment instructions.

Payment Gateway Services (UAEPGS)
Eliminate dependence on cheque or cash receipts with the UAE Payment Gateway Service (UAEPGS)– a national e-commerce platform by the Central Bank of UAE which facilitates payment collection through a single integration, allowing you to accept payments from multiple banks.

Cash, cheque & document collection
Enroll for Cash in Transit services to streamline your cash cycle process with seamless transportation of daily cash and cheques.

Virtual Accounts
Segregate your day-to-day transactional activities and get support on your intercompany balance and virtual liquidity management with secure sign in. You can maintain your virtual account structures, search for transactions, assign virtual account interest rates, perform virtual payments, and generate electronic reports– providing account consolidation, improved cash visibility, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Support Services

Plus, some extra support.

businessONLINE provides multiple authentication tools including soft-token for safe and secure access, allowing you to lodge queries online within the platform.

Self-service portals
A new range of self-service requests are available including cheque book request, report lost or stolen card, stop cheque request, deposit request, fixed/Wakala, General SR. Entitlement Change, and General SR.

Highly secured access
Three levels of login access ensure complete data confidentiality and integrity of information through the use of encryption and digital signatures.

Security features

  • 128-bit SSL data encryption certified by NORTON
  • Access is controlled through Subscriber ID, User ID and Password
  • Shared Admin as well as client admin functionality for seamless control
  • PGP/Proprietary encryption supported for payments and payroll upload
  • Payments are secured with a multi-user defined workflow
  • Complete transaction and user audit trail
  • Online user enablement and disablement
  • Account-wise and product-wise support access to users
  • Uploaded transactions are locked for any editing or information change

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